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CPVC polyvinyl chloride electric tube

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Foryou Productfeatures Superiorperformance  PVCpolyvinylchlorideelectricpipeishardstraightwalltube,smoothandsmoothouterwall,colorisorangecolor,brightcolor,eye-catching.ComparedwithordinaryUPVCtube,the
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Superior performance


PVC polyvinyl chloride electric pipe is hard straight wall tube, smooth and smooth outer wall, color is orange color, bright color, eye-catching. Compared with ordinary UPVC tube, the heat resistance temperature is not deformed and has sufficient strength.


Wide application


Products are widely used in urban power grid construction and transformation, municipal project, civil aviation airport construction, industrial park, residential construction: traffic, city street lamp cable laying construction of road and bridge engineering construction.

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Honors and qualifications

CPVC PVC power tube to heat resistance, insulation performance of CPVC resin as the main materials, CPVC PVC power tube is now recognized as green environmental protection product.



The experimental test


1.The construction method is simple and simple:

              Can realize the night excavation and cover backfill road, during the day can be open to traffic.

2.Adopt elastic seal rubber ring

                 The elastic seal rubber ring is used to connect the air, and the connection is convenient, fast, and the sealing performance is good. It can prevent the leakage of underground water and effectively protect the safety of power cables.

3. Corrosion resistant:
                CPVC tube is slightly lower than the same type of cement pressure pipe, 20% lower than similar steel pipe, and the comprehensive cost can be reduced by 15%.





Products can endure high pressure of more than 30000 volts was obviously higher than that of the relevant state departments to the requirement of buried plastic pipe ring stiffness index, fully reflects the low temperature impact properties of the material is fully applicable to the construction under the condition of the environmental requirements.

Confidence comes from quality and quality.

The company has built three manufacturing bases of steel belt reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe and MPP, PE pipe production area, hot dip plastic steel pipe and composite pipe production area and glass pipe production area. In terms of manufacturing concept, the company has always been adhering to the "quality first, satisfy the demand, attention to detail, keeping improving" the quality idea, the establishment of a strict quality assurance system in the process of production, the company has a leading domestic pipeline testing center, passed the ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004.


Do the company in line with, do strong, do big goal of pipeline industry, adhere to the tenet of "quality first, customer supreme", the high-quality goods production to meet customer needs is our basic work, bring tangible benefits for customers is our pursuit of the ultimate goal.

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